Sunday, September 29, 2019

Rite of Passage Revisited

Hello Everybody,

I've been following physical culture since the year 2011.  My inspirations come from the works of Steve Maxwell, Ori Hofmekler and Pavel Tsatsouline.  My modality of choice is the kettlebell and of course bodyweight training.  I enjoy both immensely.  What I've learned over the years is that all modalities work and it's about what modality you enjoy most, is what you should pursue.  Where the rubber meets the road is the risk to reward ratio of exercise choices.  Form is paramount and weight quite frankly, doesn't really matter.  It's all about safety and sustainability.

My Philosophy
I believe that in order to make the most of your training, you must work from old age backwards.  You need to ask yourself is what I'm doing today going to haunt my older self?  Is reaching for the ponderous poundage's worth a sore shoulder or a herniated disk years down the line?  

I believe that exercise priorities should look like this :   
  1. Mobility
  2. Strength
  3. Flexibility
  4. Conditioning
With proper mobility work and paying attention to pristine form, you can save yourself a boatload of aches and pains down the road.

My Mobility and Flexibility Plan
Daily mobility and active flexibility work without fail.  

Every single day I perform the following joint mobility drills :
  1. Joint Circles
  2. Convict Conditioning 2 : Trifecta
    1. Bridge Holds
    2. L-Sit Holds
    3. Twist Holds
  3. Simple and Sinister Warm-Up
    1. Prying Goblet Squat
    2. StrongFirst Hip Bridge
    3. Kettlebell Halo
  4. Get Strong Warm Up
    1. Wrist Circles
    2. Toe Touch / Reach Overhead
    3. Downward / Upward Dog Switch
    4. Hollow Body Hold
    5. Plank
  5. Passive Bar Hanging
  6. Rolling / Crawling
My 'Conditioning' Plan
I strive to walk daily.  At least 10,000 steps per day, spread throughout the day.

My Strength Plan of Choice
My strength plan of choice is the Rite of Passage from Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell.  It involves kettlebell presses, chin ups and swings/snatches.  Now I've done multiple cycles of the program and only once did I reach my half bodyweight press.  Here's the deal, I can press a 40kg bell anyday of the week.  I can do solid Turkish Get Ups with 48kg anytime.  But something went awry when I began sacrificing form for weight.  I began to become obsessed with reaching for ponderous weights.  So for this reason I'm beginning with a laughably easy weight : the 16kg.  While it is easy, I respect it still.

My Schedule :
  • Day 1
    • Light Day
      • Light Presses
        • Superset
      • Chin Ups
      • Easy Effort Snatches
  • Day 2
    • Variety Day
      • Heavier than Press
        • Turkish Get Ups
        • Swings
        • Snatches
        • Cleans
  • Day 3
    • Medium Day
      • Medium Presses
        • Superset
      • Chin Ups
      • Medium Effort Swings
  • Day 4
    • Variety Day
      • Heavier than Press
        • Turkish Get Ups
        • Swings
        • Snatches
        • Cleans
  • Day 5
    • Off Day
  • Day 6
    • Heavy Day
      • Heavy Presses
        • Superset
      • Chin Ups
      • Hard Effort Swings
  • Day 7
    • Off Day
My Eating Style
I'm currently eat a modified Warrior Diet.  During the day I eat  maybe some coffee, a protein shake or fruit. At days where I have work bright and early I'll indulge in some zero calorie energy drinks. At night I have a large healthy dinner.

Supplements :
  1. Multi-Vitamin
  2. Fish Oil
  3. Probiotic
  4. Berberine
  5. Resveratrol
  6. Whey Protein
Closing Thoughts
I'm drawing allot of inspiration from Milo of Croton.  I want to grow stronger slower by lifting that calf (16kg) while it grows into a full bull (48kg).  No rush and no fuss.  Just growing stronger a little bit overtime while living a good life.  Eating for longevity and livability.  I'm excited to log here and hopefully provide some knowledge/empowerment to those who read it.

Thank you, Adam Mundorf